Bank Installment

The Customer can buy without benefits Or with small bank benefits .


Installment 6 months Available Available Available Available
Installment 10 months Available N/A N/A N/A
Installment 12 months Available Available Available Available
Installment 18 months Available N/A Available N/A
Installment 24 months Available Available N/A N/A
Installment 36 months Available N/A N/A N/A

Terms & Conditions

The customer must have Credit Card and not a Debit Card .
The card must be valid .
The card limit have to cover all the product price .

Online Process ( National Bank of Egypt )

Add product to cart .
Fill your information then press next .
Choose instalment by National Bank of Egypt then press Continue .
Choose instalment by Select Card type ( Visa & MasterCard )
Enter your card details then press Pay

Direct Installment

The customer could buy any product without any bank procedures. He should only fulfill any of the below systems procedures .

ValU Program

The customer must download the ValU app on the mobile and complete the registration steps .
The customer activates his account through the various activation points .
The installment period starts from 3 months till 24 months with accumulated interest 2% monthly .
The customer must pay a 20% deposit .